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Our Materials

Stems is a unique place, with a distinctive vision. We want flowers to be a part of everyone's lifestyle, but for that to happen, there first needs to be more variety and elegance in what people are offered. At Stems, you will not find the carnations and baby's breath that seem to be ever-present in other florist's work. Rather, we like to use roses, lilies, orchids, and a wide assortment of tropical flowers. Depending on the season, Stems has also been known to use things such as blossoming branches from local trees, long stemmed baby artichokes, even bright orange persimmons. Materials like these lend a flair to a centerpiece that you just can't get by sticking to an arrangement number in a catalog.

We strive to buy our products "grower direct". Whether it's local hydroponic roses, lilies and orchid sprays from further up the coast of California, or the overnight boxes of tropicals received twice a week from our growers in Hawaii, our goal is to provide the freshest, most beautiful flowers at a reasonable price.

We also have a variety of locally grown potted plants, with a heavy emphasis on orchids. In fact, one entire room of our shop is dedicated to orchid gifts. Elegantly presented in high quality ceramic containers, our orchid plants make a wonderful gift for either home of office.

Finally, a word about our containers. We believe that the container for your arrangement is nearly as important as the flowers it contains. You won't find the clanky, heavy, bubble-glass vases at Stems. We take pride in selecting quality vases which enhance our presentation. From baskets, to ceramics, to interesting glass vases, we strive to provide the recipient with a lovely container that will serve other purposes long after the flowers themselves have faded.

What you won't find at Stems

Simply put, at Stems you won't find the ordinary. We don't sell balloons; we don't sell teddy bears holding coffee mugs; we don't sell fake flowers made of chocolate or real ones dipped in gold.

Also, you won't find pre-made arrangements sitting in the cooler for days, waiting to be sold. Everything we do at Stems is custom made based on input from you, the customer. Barbara and her design team will discuss your floral needs with you and suggest ways to express your thoughts in flowers.

At Stems, we believe that floral design is more about creating art and pleasing our customers than just selling products. Unfortunately, we also believe that in the world of florists, there are more fast food joints than elegant restaurants.